You are more than cute, you are insanely adorable.

-blushes- P-please stop. I-I’m not special. I’m n-nobody.

You really don’t know how annoying you are, do you?


I'm sorry, I didn't mean to curse. T^T You're cuteness is just very intense for me.


Whatever. Intense cuteness my ass.


You are so fucking cute.


Excuse you?


3 pairs of horned hair clips have been posted!

Do you see what I see?



Sungmin shook his head. “I can’t…I-I.” He gripped his shirt as he felt like his heart stuttered and lurched. “I c-can’t do it. I c-can’t.” He pulled his hair and shook his head. He had his eyes tightly shut and whimpered softly. “I-I really am b-broken.”

"Yes, you can." She gently cupped his cheek as she continued to rub his back. "You can get through this. You have me, Jiyong, and pretty much everyone else here to help you out. No one’s leaving you to do with this yourself. Which is why I don’t understand why you didn’t just come to me."

"Because I can’t! I can’t figure out w-where to turn or which door is yours. And i-if I run into GD on a bad day o-or Zinger. I can’t fight b-back." He laughed weakly. "Josie c-could attack me and I-I’d be defenseless."  He sobbed weakly. "I can’t e-even eat, or write." 

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