When I look at their kind smiles and thought that I was supposed to be there smiling too... I couldn't stop crying. It hurt so much that I wanted to forget.
I'm Sungmin, I'm 20 and I have Social Anxiety Disorder, as well as being a bit Bipolar. Please look at The Asylum if you enjoy this blog!
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"Emotions are supposed to be raw, ugly, brutal…you don’t want someone to ‘sorta’ love you. You want that love to be a bursting flame, not a candle.




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Eun Hye flinched as the harsh words poured out of the man’s mouth. She’d seen him angry before, but he’d never used such harsh language with her before.

As the door slammed shut, she slowly sunk into her chair and lowered her head into her hands. Tears she’d been holding in for weeks freely fell as she completely shut everything else out. Choked sobs escaped her throat. She began to slap the top of her head repeatedly, the force of her hands slowly and steadily getting stronger as she wept.

"I’m sorry! I didn’t leave! I swear I wasn’t leaving you!"

Sungmin went and ‘borrowed’ some more cigarettes from a nurse and light one before returning to the woman’s office. He listened by the door, before kicking the door open. “The hell do you think you’re doing?” He stared at Eunhye levelly before putting out the smoke on his skin and storing it for later. He hummed at the feeling of pain and sighed happily for a moment, his eyes fluttering closed before snapping back at Eunhye. “So. You care you tell me why you’re hurting yourself.” He smiled, as sick, mocking version of his normal one. “Silly noona, you don’t like pain.” He walked over to the other, his mouth set in a grim line, and sat on her desk. “Well?” He dried the other’s tears. “Talk to me.” 


//whether they have met or not makes no difference at all. go nuts